Printers Ornaments One

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On this page you can download Printers Ornaments One font version 1.0, which belongs to the family Printers Ornaments One (Regular tracing). Designer - Michelle Dixon. Download Printers Ornaments One for free on This font belongs to the following categories: feminine, flowers, ornaments. Font size - only 100 Kb

Font Printers Ornaments One
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Family Printers Ornaments One
Tracing Regular
Ident PrintersOrnamentsOne
Full name Printers Ornaments One
Version 1.0
PostScript name PrintersOrnamentsOne
Size 100 Kb
Designer Michelle Dixon
License Description Printer's Ornaments One Hello! Thank you for downloading Printer's Ornaments One, my font of beautiful, classic woodcut designs. I hope you will enjoy it and use it to beautify your documents! This is the first in a series of decorative ornament fonts: other fonts in this series contain headpieces, tailpieces, dingbats, scrolls, trophies, cupids, borders, and others. The cuts are in many different styles including Renaissance, Baroque, Victorian, neo-Medieval, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Modern, Pre-Colombian, etc. If this font has value to you and you were to send me ten dollars--which I could then use to help me buy more antique books and thus to create more fonts!--I would send you a disk containing another, equally beautiful font. If you would send me more than ten dollars, I might send you more than one new font! The fonts I include on this extra disk are ones which I do not upload anywhere! Please specify PC or MAC when you register: otherwise I will send you MAC fonts. It's also helpful to know whether you would prefer TrueType or Postscript. Please feel free to upload this font anywhere. But always include this notice when you do so! Thank you for your support. Michelle Dixon 1419 #F, De la Vina Street Santa Barbara, CA 93101 America On Line: BHaber Compuserve: 73200,345 Internet: [email protected]

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