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On this page you can download Friday13SH font version 1.3, which belongs to the family Friday13SH (Regular tracing). Font manufacturer is Friday13SH. Designer - Thomas W.Otto (for communication, use the following address: Download Friday13SH for free on This font belongs to the following categories: 3d fonts, fonts from films, horror fonts. Font size - only 77 Kb

Font Friday13SH
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Copyright Friday13SH v1.3 - copyright (c) 1999 - Thomas W.Otto - Norfok Inc. -
Family Friday13SH
Tracing Regular
Ident NorfokInc.: Friday13SH: 1999
Full name Friday13SH
Version 1.3
PostScript name Friday13SH
Manufacturer Friday13SH
Size 77 Kb
Designer Thomas W.Otto
URL of designer
URL of provider
License Description Copyright This Norfok Inc. product and the accompanying materials are copyrighted and contain proprietary information and trade secrets of Norfok Inc. Unauthorized copying of the product even if modified, merged, or included with other software, or of the written materials, is expressly forbidden. You may be held legally responsible for any infringement of Norfok Inc. intellectual property rights that is caused or encouraged by your failure to abide by the terms of this Agreement. copyright ©2001 Norfok Inc. [email protected]
URL of license

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Font preview Friday13SH


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