College Bold

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Serif, Slab

On this page you can download College Bold font version Version 1.00, which belongs to the family College (Bold tracing). Designer - Matthew Welch. Download College Bold for free on This font belongs to the following categories: collegiate, octagon, serif, slab. Font size - only 12 Kb

Font College Bold
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Family College
Tracing Bold
Ident FontMonger:College Bold
Full name College Bold
Version Version 1.00
PostScript name CollegeBold
Size 12 Kb
Trademark College
Designer Matthew Welch
License Description Font: College (college.ttf) Created By: Matthew Welch E-Mail: [email protected] Web Address: (PGP public key available here) College, like all of my fonts, is free. You can use it for most personal or business uses you'd like, and I ask for no money. I would, however, like to hear from you. If you use my fonts for something please send me a postcard or e-mail letting me know how you used it. Send me a copy if you can or let me know where I can find your work. You may use this font for graphical or printed work, but you may not sell it or include it in a collection of fonts (on CD or otherwise) being sold. You can redistribute this font as long as you charge nothing to receive it. If you redistribute it include this text file with it as is (without modifications). If you use this font for commercial purposes please credit me in at least some little way. About the font: Not very original, but darn collegiate don't you think. I thought this would be nice to have in the form of a font and I realized that in order to really be useful it needed to be made with several different weights and widths. So I made them.

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    Family: College

    Tracing: Regular

    Size: 12 Kb


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