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On this page you can download Agency FB font version Version 1.00, which belongs to the family Agency FB (Regular tracing). Font manufacturer is Agency-FB. Designer - The Font Bureau, Inc. (for communication, use the following address: Download Agency FB for free on This font belongs to the following categories: decorative fonts, latinic fonts. Font size - only 56 Kb

Font Agency FB
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Copyright Copyright (c) 1995, The Font Bureau, Inc. 1995, 1997, 1998. All rights reserved.
Family Agency FB
Tracing Regular
Ident FB Agency FB Regular
Full name Agency FB
Version Version 1.00
PostScript name AgencyFB-Reg
Manufacturer Agency-FB
Size 56 Kb
Trademark The Font Bureau, Inc.
Designer The Font Bureau, Inc.
URL of designer
URL of provider
Description ATF Agency Gothic was designed by M.F. Benton in 1932 as a single titling face. In 1990 David Berlow saw potential in the squared forms of the narrow, monotone capitals. He designed a lowercase and added a bold to produce Font Bureau Agency, an immediate popular hit. Sensing further possibilities, he worked with Tobias Frere-Jones and Jonathan Corum to expand Agency into a major series, offering five weights in five widths for text & display settings.

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Font preview Agency FB

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    Family: Agency FB

    Tracing: Bold

    Size: 58 Kb


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